06-15-17 I am very energetic and happy. I love to play
01-02-18 I know the sit command and take treats nicely. I am a funny and happy girl.
01-04-18 I am a happy and cute girl. I loved playing in the yard and getting lots of treats. I helped my scared kennel mate Petey feel more comfortable.
01-02-18 I have been to a couple of events. I always do well in the car. I am great when there are not a lot of other dogs around. You see I am the boss and I like to tell all the other dogs that I am! I love to talk to you and let you know what I want. I have been overlooked because I am a black dog and I a can be picky about my dog friends. I hope you will give me a chance!
3-2-17 Energetic and happy dog. Likes to walk, pulls a little on the leash. Went to an event and got along with all the other dogs. Still has a lot of life left in him! 4-11-17 I know the sit and shake commands.
01-02-18 I am a volunteer favorite! They all say I am a nice dog and can''t believe that I am not adopted.
11-4-17 Event. I rode out of the car and did very well. I got along good with all the other dogs I met. I don''t mind children. I loved all the adults I met. Loud noises don''t bother me. I pulled a little on the leash then I was good after I got to sniff everything.
12-28-17 I know how to fetch and retun and I love squeeky toys.
12-28-17 I like bananas!!
10-25-17 I know the sit and drop it command. Does well on the leash.
11-10-17 Dog Walk. I did not ride in a car today. I enjoyed my walk. I did not encounter any other dogs on my walk. I liked the women I met, we did not see any men. Loud noises don''t bother me, some loud cars passed by. I pull a little on the leash when I find something interesting. I showed a little interest in the cats in the office, but came when called and did not try to attack the cats.
Betty is a loyal, loving and protective 3 year old dog. It takes her time to warm up to new people, but when she does she is very affectionate. She loves to cuddle and chase squirrels. She hates baths! I do not recommend a home with little kids or cats. She could warm up to other dogs if introduced appropriately.
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