2-15-18 The staff thinks I may be house broken cause I wait to go out to relive myself. I also love to play tug-o-war.
3-1-18 I share my toys. I love squeeky toys. Loud noises scare me.
Isabella is a total sweetheart. She was very timid at 1st and just watched her foster family''s dynamics from a distance. She has slowly opened up and is more confident every day. She is nice with the other dogs in the house. Her favorite things are sunbathing, cuddles and watching you make dinner. Isabella is a very calm dog and incredibly loyal. She''s getting more and more comfortable every ...
Betty is a loyal, loving and protective 3 year old dog. It takes her time to warm up to new people, but when she does she is very affectionate. She loves to cuddle and chase squirrels. She hates baths! I do not recommend a home with small kids or cats. She could warm up to other dogs if introduced appropriately.
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